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Organization: Vietnamese Student Association

  1. SSO: Sponsored Student Organization
  2. Vietnamese Student Association
  3. Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) is a student-run organization that exists to promote Vietnamese culture throughout the campus and community. We hope to educate our fellow peers of the Vietnamese culture including the history of Vietnam, its people, and its traditions through social and educational activities. Through our programs and events, we hope to create a comfortable and welcoming environment at Oregon State University where Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese students alike can come together to share their experiences and learn from one another. By networking with other students and other student-led organizations, each individual should have a better understanding of what it is like to be Vietnamese/Asian American today. VSA welcomes students of all cultures to join and learn about the Vietnamese culture as well as appreciate the diversity that each individual brings to the Oregon State University community.
  4. vsa@oregonstate.edu


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Organization Type

  1. Ethnic/Cultural
    • Professional
    • Social Awareness

Advisors 2013-2014

Becky Evans
Faculty Advisor

Dante Holloway
Faculty Advisor

Officers 2013-2014

Christina Chac
Public Relations Chair

Peter Huynh

Tina Kieu
President (Chair)

Louis Nguyen

Tim Saeteurn

Arthur To
Vice-President (Vice Chair)

Dayton Wong
Event Coordinator

  • Student Events & Activities Center (SEAC)
  • Memorial Union 103, Corvallis, OR 97331
  • Phone: (541) 71 EVENT (3-8368)
  • Fax: (541) 737 1565
  • Email: student.orgs@oregonstate.edu