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Organization: Pre-Law Society

  1. SSO: Sponsored Student Organization
  2. Pre-Law Society
  3. The purpose of this organization shall be to actively promote and enhance the pre-law resources available for students at Oregon State University.
  4. prelawclub@oregonstate.edu
  5. http://groups.oregonstate.edu/prelawsociety/
  6. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oregon-State-Pre-Law-Society/162463583954748?notif_t=fbpage_fan_invit


  1. The best way to get involved with the OSU Pre-Law Society is to contact our Vice President, Sydnie Teague, at OSUPreLaw@gmail.com. Sydnie will let interested students know about upcoming meetings and events, and how to join. Guest speaking events and law school visits may also be advertised in the College of Liberal Arts advising office.

Organization Type

  1. Special Interest
    • Academic
    • Professional

Advisors 2013-2014

Rorie Solberg
Faculty Advisor

Officers 2013-2014

Julia Day
Other (Responsible Party)

Alexis Fouke

Aleia Kim
President (Chair)

Sydnie Teague
Vice-President (Vice Chair)

  • Student Events & Activities Center (SEAC)
  • Memorial Union 103, Corvallis, OR 97331
  • Phone: (541) 71 EVENT (3-8368)
  • Fax: (541) 737 1565
  • Email: student.orgs@oregonstate.edu