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Organization: FACE AIDS

  1. VSO: Voluntary Student Organization
  3. FACE AIDS is dedicated to spreading awareness of worldwide AIDS as well as fundraising to help fight AIDS in Rwanda. The FACE AIDS branch at Oregon State University hopes to unite our community in awareness that AIDS is not simply a health-related issue but also an issue of social class and economic struggle. Through selling pins made by people whose lives were changed by AIDS, funds will be raised to help fight AIDS in rural Rwanda. All funds raised selling pins is directly sent to Partners In Health to help our pin makers. The funds will be matched by private organizations, effectively doubling our contribution to Partners In Health. In addition to fundraising, FaceAIDS works to raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS pandemic by hosting events such as the Condom Couture Fashion Show on campus and by providing free, confidential HIV testing to OSU students. By joining our cause, you will be helping to increase public knowledge in an issue that is affecting millions of people worldwide.
  4. face.aids@oregonstate.edu
  5. http://www.faceaids.org/oregonstate
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/179292105506188/


  1. Interested students are welcome to e-mail us on our listserve or they may join our Facebook group. If students have any specific questions please directly contact a officer.

Organization Type

  1. Social Awareness

Officers 2013-2014

Jessica Crane

Sanja Ognjenovic
President (Chair)

Anshu Prakash
Vice-President (Vice Chair)

Haripriya Prakash
Event Coordinator

Sharon Reddy
Committee Chair

  • Student Events & Activities Center (SEAC)
  • Memorial Union 103, Corvallis, OR 97331
  • Phone: (541) 71 EVENT (3-8368)
  • Fax: (541) 737 1565
  • Email: student.orgs@oregonstate.edu