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Organization: Rotaract Club at Oregon State University

  1. VSO: Voluntary Student Organization
  2. Rotaract Club at Oregon State University
  3. OSU Rotaract
  4. Service projects performed locally and internationally that better the world around each other. We perform local and international service projects, fundraisers that help the club and other groups in need of help, and social events to better the community around OSU and Corvallis.
  5. rotaract@oregonstate.edu
  6. http://groups.oregonstate.edu/rotaract/index.php?q=home
  7. http://www.facebook.com/OSU.Rotaract.Club


  1. Contact Stephen Mast (masts@onid.orst.edu) or our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/OSU.Rotaract.Club) to get more information involved with the club. Thanks!

Organization Type

  1. Service
    • Professional
    • Service

Advisors 2013-2014

Curtiss Davis

Officers 2013-2014

Amber Lengele

Stephen Mast
Social Chair

Julian Preciado
President (Chair)

Julia Scolari
Vice-President (Vice Chair)

  • Student Events & Activities Center (SEAC)
  • Memorial Union 103, Corvallis, OR 97331
  • Phone: (541) 71 EVENT (3-8368)
  • Fax: (541) 737 1565
  • Email: student.orgs@oregonstate.edu