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Organization: CVM Draft Horse Club

  1. VSO: Voluntary Student Organization
  2. CVM Draft Horse Club
  3. The purpose of The Draft Horse Club is to help promote and publicize the veterinary school at sporting events, parades, and public and private outings. As well as to teach interested OSU veterinary students how to drive a draft horse and give them an opportunity for some practical hands on large animal experience. These experiences will help them in class, clinics, and practice.
  4. cvmdraft.horse@oregonstate.edu


  1. If you would like to become involved with the Draft Horse Club or have any questions about the DHC, please send an email to: cvmdraft.horse@oregonstate.edu Thanks!

Organization Type

  1. Recreation
    • Recreation
    • Special Interest

Mailing Address

  1. 105 Magruder Hall
  2. Corvallis
  3. Oregon
  4. 97331

Advisors 2011-2012

Lionel Snyder

Officers 2011-2012

Jennifer Drew

Daphne Johnson

Laura Meadows

Britton Nixon

Steen Smith

  • Student Events & Activities Center (SEAC)
  • Memorial Union 103, Corvallis, OR 97331
  • Phone: (541) 71 EVENT (3-8368)
  • Fax: (541) 737 1565
  • Email: student.orgs@oregonstate.edu